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SEO and Digital Marketing

It all Starts With Patients Choosing You!

We will be the visual aid that brings your website into focus, making it easy for the right patients to see you. 


By targeting the right patients, more appointments are scheduled and in turn, more surgeries are booked, which means increased revenue

With our founder's work experience as an ophthalmic technician, we have the inside knowledge. She has worked in many clinical positions, a few being: performing diagnostic testing, obtaining patients' medical history and chief complaints, scribing for the doctors, surgery scheduling, and training staff.  With that background, we have created a unique style that will increase the number of patients walking through your door.

Online search for an Ophthalmologist

Inspiration Behind ClearSite Pro


Hello, My name is Colette Paris, I am the founder of ClearSite Pro. 

I started my career as an ophthalmic technician in 2011, and in my years of experience, I have learned many ways to translate the “doctor’s lingo” into a language that patients can understand and relate to.  

I love the field of ophthalmology and want to be able to share all that it entails with the world. My desire to make people aware of all that is offered by ophthalmologists lead me to become an SEO specialist, and focus on online marketing and digital marketing. With the services, we offer we can connect more patients with the right doctor. And in doing so, create more opportunities for you to fill your clinical and surgical schedules.

Why Choose ClearSite Pro

Our understanding of Ophthalmology will make it easier for you to convey your needs. We get what it takes to work in your field, and understand your "Lingo".

We have the tools and knowledge that will put your practice infront of the patients that patients you want. 

We are data driven, and know what your tech-zavvy patients are looking for.

We are keep up with all the latest search engine technologies to always bring you the best there is, creating designs that are patient friendly and will bring you to the top of search engine results, such as Google.

Last, we care about you and your family, your employees and their families, and your patients. We want to make sure that your business can continue providing a house to live in, food on the table, money for retierment, and no worry vacation funds for you and all your staff. 

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